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The Kenyon Family

Jan 29

The English say "Good Form"

The English say “Good Form” to mean “correct or appropriate behavior”, in our Martial Art, Soo Bahk Do, we recognize good form as Moo Do Jaseh.
It is the way we handle our surroundings, our relationships and ourselves through our actions, appearance, words and manners. It is our Moo Do Jaseh that we depict when we stand with good posture as we talk to a senior with respect and likewise it is the way we demonstrate sincere pride in a junior as they progress thru the same mental and physical challenges that we once trained through.
It is our Moo do Jaseh that presents itself to others outside the Do-Jang as confidence, maturity, balance and consideration. It is our Moo Do Jaseh that allows us to give and take as we spar with our partners during class; some more accomplished than us, some still growing - but all capable of creating physical pain and damage if it was not for our discipline and adherence to good form.
Tonight at Kenyon’s Martial Arts we listened to Kenyon Sa Bom Nim as he described Moo Do Jaseh at the beginning of class, later some like me allowed my posture to wane and with it my concentration, others like my senior focused his physical self and offered me insights and advice as we lightly sparred against each other.
In the end we all were striving for the same thing - to demonstrate good Moo Do Jaseh; to show “Good Form”.

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