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The Kenyon Family

Aug 31

Balance and the Martial Arts

I read an article today that ran awhile back on a popular Chicago blog. It spoke about adding balance to your martial arts training by introducing exercises, swiss balls and a few other devices into your training. The article spoke about how the martial artist's physical balance, agility, proprioception and kinesthetic coordination would be improved.

I read it and couldn't help but notice that many of the exercises they suggested are already part of our Soo Bahk Do training; the centering of our gravity, mass body moves like squats and dynamic moves like jumping. What I noticed of course was that the article never mentioned the mental aspects of balance either as part of concentration or as part of the higher balance that martial arts provides us. Of course the article was focused on the physical aspects but it reminded me about the balance we all achieve through our training in Soo Bahk Do. The balance that we unconsciously exhibit in our day to day lives and the balance that we occasionally rely on during moments of stress when we find our selves suddenly breathing slower, becoming more focused and in our minds briefly recalling the physical aspect of our training. Soo Bahk

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