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The Kenyon Family

The Importance of Community

Today, I got another lesson from Sa Bom Nim but this one did not involve a kick, block, punch or a new martial arts form.This one involved something just as enlightening and also prone to the occasional lapse in technique - the importance of being part of your community.

As we walked outside the studio I noticed how Sa Bom Nim kindly greeted people who I thought were students or parents of students until they walked by the open studio door. We then walked across the street to a neighboring business and he complimented three different people on their customer service; one thanking him and two laughing with him. As we walked by the gas station next to our studio, I noticed 4 of his student's cars parked in the gas station lot; the car owners never asked to move the car or questioned why they parked there.

I realized then that Kenyons and their Martial Arts studio, who have been part of San Diego and Pacific Beach for over 30 years, are more than just part of our fine community, they are what makes our community fine.

Soo Bahk!
Dave V

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