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The Kenyon Family

Jul 20

Region 9 Sparring Team - 2010 National Champions


The Region 9 Sparring Team competed at the 2010 Soo Bahk Nationals. The team made up of members from Region 9 Soo Bahk Do Studios include three students from Kenyon's Soo Bahk Do in San Diego; Warren Osborne (1st on left), Thad Gilmore (3rd from right), and Mike Maggiora (2nd from right). The team worked hard and had several practice workouts at the Solana Beach studio prior to the tournament. Kenyon Sa Bom Nim, Internationally ranked as #1 in sparring at the age of 22, provided the team with preparation instructions, techniques and drills during one of the workouts at the Kenyon Solana Beach Martial Arts studio. Congratulations to the Region 9 Sparring Team - 2010 National Champions

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